This website contains notes and materials for the Independent Study Seminar - Programming I and II.

If you find issues or inaccuracies, please contact me at mslater@nevada.unr.edu.

Syllabus - Year 1

Syllabus - Year 2


Each of these guides shows you how to set up a development environment, compile, and run "hello world."

Both GCC and the Visual Studio compiler (MSVC) can be run by themselves on Windows, similarly to how GCC is used on linux. Email me if you'd like guides on using the standalone compilers on windows.

Other IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) include Code::Blocks, Eclipse, NetBeans, and XCode (for mac). There are many guides on how to set these up.

Contents - C++

Contents - SDL2

Contents - Data Structures & the C++ STL

Contents - Game Design Patterns